Fashion Marketing and Brands – Superdry

Today I’m going to analyse the marketing 4 P’s of Superdry.


Superdry has superb branding, the company is renowned for displaying it on every single item , so much so it has become an essential design feature. Superdry has now become a brand who has basic, fashion, classic and fad items on offer. The brand has developed so much over the years and continues to evolve at rapid pace.

Superdry prides itself on creating high quality garments and paying attention to detail (even their shirt buttons have Superdry engraved onto them!?!). That sort of attention isn’t only on their garments it goes into their labeling and packaging too. Their swing tags include that all important feature logo alongside their shopping bags.

A/W’13 Ad Campaign (Superdry blog, 2013)

 ‘Superdry’s unique selling point is that it fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana with the values of British tailoring onto unique urban clothing with incredible branding and an unrivaled level of detailing.’ (About Us.


Superdry sticks to the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of their garments. They have marginal price points and avoid discounts as much as possible (they don’t even have boxing day sales!?!). Customers can only exchange or receive a store card in Superdry another retaining revenue tactic. I believe prestige pricing is a Superdry marketing ploy relying on the iconic brand name to allow them to price their lower quality products at a higher price in order to give (maintain) the appearance of quality.

Superdry takes a keen interest in consumers buying habits in their stores and replenishes stock every hour, taking note of the purchased items, as they like to keep this shelves full. They also brief staff on the most sold items of the week to keep staff aware of what customers are demanding. 


Superdry is referred to as a Bricks and Clicks company as it can be sourced through their online website, standalone stores and concessions in department stores. It is a massclucivity brand as it aims at the masses who can afford mid to high level apparel.

‘Superdry targets the young fashion market with affordable, premium quality clothing and accessories for both men and women in the 15-25 age bracket, although the brand has become increasingly appealing to a much broader group as it develops its breadth of product ranges.’ (Annual Report 2013 – At A Glance. SuperGroup.Plc) 

Inside view of a new Superdry store in Kalverstraat, Amsterdam (Superdry blog, 2013)

In store you are drawn into Superdry zone with the sounds of the Superdry mix blaring through the speakers, your eyes are drawn to the dynamic visual merchandising. Garments call you to touch and feel the quality fabrics, the lay of the store leads you through style after style. Pick up a few garments to check out in the fitting rooms and then head to the till with your desired purchased…a view into the enchanting Superdry stores.


Yulee Foster – winner of our height in hoodies competition (Superdry blog, 2013)

Superdry advertise through the internet, adverts, social marketing, blogs and billboards. It has extremely good public relations with many celebrity supporters, holds events for new collections with the press and competitions for the public to keep their interest. Superdry focuses on visual merchandising constantly changing the lay out and stock in stores to make consumers experience new and eye catching every time. 

Superdry AW13 Campaign Video (SuperdryTV, 2013)


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