Fashion Marketing and Semiotics – American Apparel

American Apparel is an innovative brand that stands for 100% sweat-shop free workers as all their garments ‘are made in USA’. 

‘It’s not just about made in the USA. More importantly, it is about designing a business that does not, at its fundamental core, rely on the relentless pursuit of low cost labour to survive.’ (About Us – The New Standards That Others Will Follow. American Apparel. 2012)

(Figure 1: Ad Campaign October 2013 American Apparel)

This was an ad campaign in October 2013 through this advertisement I believe the brand represents young, cool, trendy people who take pride in their appearance whilst it not being at the expense of others (i.e. factory workers).

The advert signifier is a young woman in the park doing a headstand in her underwear with thigh high socks showing off her athletic ability in her athletic designed clothes. She signified the type of a care free consumer who can appreciate and relax in her fashion whilst knowing her style hasn’t affected the environment or exploited other people. She also represents how simple and accessible it is to be healthy, athletic, stylish and help create a new type of apparel business model.

The brand effectively oozes style and coolness and the added spice of sex appeal whilst in the shadows trying to change the way fashion companies are run. Their ad campaigns incite the customer so much so they wouldn’t even realise they were helping a great cause.

Ultimately, the advert shows you that you can support a great cause without breaking the bank or loosing your style. The people who wear their clothes help pioneer the brand and help it create a trend that others could/should follow; that you can run a profitable popular business without outsourcing your manufacture.

‘Everyone benefits – customers, workers, and shareholders alike.’ (About Us – Unlike Our Competitors, We Make Our Own Product. American Apparel. 2012)

References: (2013) Advertising [Online] American Apparel. Available from: [Accessed 04/01/2014] (2012) About Us [Online] American Apparel. Available from: [Accessed 04/01/2014]


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